Matt Squirrell

Photo reports

These photo reports record the walks I have been on over the last few years, or at least all the ones where the conditions allowed the use of a camera! Many of the reports include notes such as the route taken and the conditions encountered. These are being gradually being added onto all the reports as I have time. Most of the earlier walks were with Durham University Hill Walking Society (DUHWS) from 2000–2004. Many of the more recent walks were with Dundee University Rucksack Club (DURC).

Up until April 2002 all the photos were taken with a £30 point and shoot camera. Since then I’ve used a Canon A40 digital camera and more recently a Canon EOS 400D.

There are a lot of photos on some of these pages (especially for the multi-day trips) and so they can take quite a while to load on slower connections.