Matt Squirrell

Photo Reports - Wooler, Northumberland 11/11/2000

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Route Information

Length - 18km

Height Gain - 800m

Langleeford - Cairn Hill - The Cheviot - Broadstruthers Burn - Wooler

Walk Description & Map

Map showing route as described in the Route Information section

Not a bad day but the cloud base was about 700m so no view from the Cheviot (except of bog). Generally dry with an odd shower, very boggy underfoot(surprise, surprise, it is the Cheviots after all!) There's now a nice stone path over The Cheviot to stop you dissappearing into the bog. At this point however it was only half finished... We got just over the summit and were presented with the end of the path followed by little piles of stone slabs spaced just far enough apart to make you think you could jump the gap but actually that little bit too far...